Hello New World!


Well, well, well…mum has finally “bit the bullet” and started up a blog. I am super duper excited as I will be featuring a-plenty in it…after all it is named after me…Manon!

As times goes by and mum becomes more familiar with the art of blogging…the idea is that her posts will become more interesting and free flowing. There will be lots of “doggy stuff” as mum is about the “doggiest” of humans you will ever want to meet, she is also very much into clothes and fashion and also food and she just loves cooking! Mum also works in the fitness industry in her “real” life so there will be plenty about exercise, gym gear and working out in general.

I hope you pop by now and then…and that what you see and read here will bring a smile to your face!

See you soon…

💝Manon xxx



About 2bmanon

I am Manon, a female Standard Poodle who lives with my human parents. I hang out with mum a lot and help her work out, prepare healthy meals and put together her outfits for when she goes out. Together, mum and I will keep you entertained, enlightened, smiling and motivated to enjoy life's little pleasures...we hope!

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