Spiralised Cucumber & Tuna Salad


Hello…This is Manon’s mum here…the furry Manon-ster is outside on her trampoline gnawing on some bones and so she asked me if I could take my turn writing in her blog today…so here goes!!!

Well…if you are anything like me, there will be those days when you are quite happy to satiate the lunch time hunger pangs with pretty much anything that is handy in the kitchen…some fruit, some left-over dinner or more than likely, if you are me…a berry, yoghurt and honey protein shake (mmmmmm!!) On other days however…(like today for instance) pretty much from the moment you wake up…you have a vision imprinted in your brain…this morning, mine was of an amazingly colorful spiralised cucumber salad with lots of yumminess and texture thrown in!

I had a relatively busy morning, but that vision kept pushing it’s way to the forefront of my thoughts!!! So in this post today I will devulge such recipe and what some or even perhaps many of you may find an interesting fact is that the “Almighty Veggie Spiraliser” has another use other than to make vegetable spaghetti…namely flat, spiralised cucumber ribbon!!! However hard it may be to believe, in my honest opinion, when a cucumber is spiralised it metamorphosizes…A LOT!! I would go as far as saying, that you cannot even compare how a spiralised cucumber tastes as opposed to a chopped or sliced one!

So, for today’s lunch I wanted: spiralised cucumber of course, a mixture of veggies with lots of colour, I wanted texture and yes…creaminess…and I wanted some form of delicious protein…Oh! And last but not least…not too many calories please!! This…is how I achieved it!


1 cucumber spiralised with the flat blade

1 tomato

1/3 red capsicum

6 mushrooms

4 tinned baby beetroot balls chopped

half a small avocado

1 tin of John West Tempters Tuna Mango Chilli 95g

15g dollop of aioli mayonnaise

Balsamic vinegar

salt & pepper

Salads are fairly easy to prepare…it’s pretty much wash, slice or chop and throw in a bowl!!! Remember that the cucumber needs to be spiralised into a wide ribbon! As for the tuna…you can use any type/flavour but I just happened to have the Mango Chilli one in the pantry! Of course don’t be forgetting the aioli, balsamic and seasoning for that extra punch!!! Oh! And à mon avis it is not necessary to add any extra oil as you are getting enough from the avocado and aioli as it is!

I, so enjoyed devouring this salad lunch today…and I do hope you enjoyed reading my post! Perhaps you’ll give my recipe a try sometime soon!

And of course for those of you who as yet do not own your own vegetable spiraliser…you seriously don’t know what you are missing out on!!! Click on this link and buy yourself the same spiraliser that I use and have been extremely happy with for many, many, many months!! Paderno World Cuisine A4982799 Tri-Blade Plastic Spiral Vegetable Slicer


See you soon…

Manon’s Mum xx


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