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A Common Question…


Well…yesterday morning whilst mum and I were out on our jog pounding the pavement with all our 6 feet, we were chatting and were both giggling with excitement at the thought of our new little adventure of “blogging”. Neither of us has ever done anything like this before and the prospect of new and exciting things in the future is rather appealing!

We were having a bit of a brainstorming session in the process…trying to think of interesting topics that I could write about, when yet another passerby smiles and stops to give me a pat. She asked mum the same two questions that we repeatedly get asked and they are…Does mum do all my grooming?  And…How much time does it take to groom me?

After the nice lady went on her way mum and I looked at eachother…and since we have a special kind of telepathy happening between us…we both knew that we were thinking the same thing!! That could be the subject of our next post!

So today, I am going to tell you how mum makes sure that I always look in tip top Manon Style! Mum has always had an eye for fashion and she tells me she gets so much joy and pleasure pampering and grooming me to within an inch of my life!! OK! Maybe they aren’t wholly her words…hee hee!!!

So…every morning mum starts my grooming routine by requesting that I jump up onto my grooming table…depending on my mood that day, I may or may not oblige…a treat of some sort doesn’t go astray! She will start by removing all my bands, ribbons and collar. Then she brushes out all my wool to make sure that I don’t have any hidden little dreadlocks in the making!  I don’t mind that much…I try to be a good girl and just stand or sit there for her…the whole brushing process really only takes about 5 minutes if I’m behaving myself!!


After the brushing, she goes over my whole body again with a comb. She says that the comb makes sure that any knots that may be brewing closer to my skin are dealt with swiftly. Luckily for me the wool on my body is clipped very short so she really only has to deal with my head, face, legs and tail! Once I’m all brushed out and fluffy, mum starts banding my head and ears. She uses little loom bands in all different pretty colours, sometimes she bands my hair into antennas or a unicorn and other times just into a top knot that she adds a big bow to…either way I always end up looking amazing and always get lots of lovely compliments from people on the street!


Over the span of my life to date, which is just over 2 years mum has accumilated a rather impressive collection of fancy collars and bows for me to wear. For some reason she feels compelled to change my collars and ribbons every day…I don’t mind as it makes me feel pretty!!! I, or should I say “we” have a huge collection of satin “protective collars” which are all custom hand made…they are made of the most beautiful patterened fabrics and I think they have become somewhat synonymous with me! Everyone always comments on them! The two online stores that mum always buys them from are “The Quilted Hound” and “Poodleit” if you like the look of them you should check out their websites!



So, in a nutshell or there-abouts…that is pretty much the totality of my “daily” grooming requirements needed to keep me in tip top shape. Because mum has perfected the procedure it really only takes her about 15 minutes or 20 minutes maximum if she thinks that I need a little tidy up with the grooming clippers here or there. Sometimes, she may paint my toe nails with pretty doggy-friendly nail polish and other times she will give me a bit of a spray with a sweet smelling doggy cologne! Obviously there are other grooming requirements like my fortnightly shower…mum and I shower together as she says it’s easier to do since we don’t own a doggy hydrobath. This usually takes place on a weekend as she then has to blow dry my locks! Of course every 6 weeks I am booked in with my local professional dog groomer who will bathe me and do a full style clip to make sure that my body shape remains how mummy likes it, they also clean inside my ears (eeek!) and clip my toe nails and make sure that my anal glands are empty! (I’m sorry that is not a very lady like subject to mention! Oops!)

And…there you have it! My whole grooming calendar in one post! I don’t really think I’m that high maintenance as long as mum keeps my coat in check! I hope you enjoyed the read…and have a lovely day!


💝Manon xxx